11 Awesome Monster Hunter Cosplays from the USA Championship

The 2018 Monster Hunter World USA Championship in San Francisco provided a stage for more than just top hunters. A few fans from around the country were invited specifically to cosplay, and even more attended as fans.

Most of the cosplayers came geared up with armor and weapons from Monster Hunter World, but some sported equipment modeled after Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Generations sets. There was even a surprising monster in attendance. Make sure to watch the video (with sound!) for the full effect, or click through the gallery below.

Don’t miss the match that won the USA Championship. Because Monster Hunter doesn’t have direct PvP, for tournaments teams of two work together to conquer arena quests as fast as possible. Team Social Dissonance took home the grand prize with a time of 3′ 03″ against the fearsome Nergigante, which you can watch in the video below.

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