Bethesda: ‘It’s Absolutely Critical’ Sony Allows Cross-Play for Elder Scrolls: Legends

Bethesda Softworks is pressuring Sony to change its much-maligned ban on cross-play, but not for its tentpole holiday release. Eurogamer reports that The Elder Scrolls: Legends, not Fallout 76, is the game for which Bethesda most wants Sony to change its policy.

While “it would be nice” to have cross-play on Fallout 76, said Bethesda Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Pete Hines, it’s “OK” if that’s not possible.

“But for Legends it’s absolutely critical,” Hines continued, “both cross-play, which is how Legends works right now on every device – you’re playing against somebody who could be on any device – and, more importantly, cross-platform progression, which means no matter what you do on any platform, you load up the game and so long as you’re logged in, here is all your progression, here is everything you had, everything you were doing.”

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