Bethesda’s Pete Hines on Playing Fallout 76 Solo and Why ‘Replayable’ is a Dirty Word

During an interview with Bethesda’s Senior Vice President of global marketing and communication Pete Hines at Gamescom this year, I ask if he’s getting sick of talking about Bethesda’s position as the saviour of the single-player experience by now, several months since its ‘save player one’ campaign. “I mean, a little,” he says. “But single player is part of who we are. We’re also the folks that make Elder Scrolls Online. We make Quake Champions. We make Elder Scrolls: Legends. But single player is part of who we are.”

Bethesda also makes Fallout 76, the first Fallout to be a shared-world experience. Somewhat unsurprisingly, it’s one that Hines plays solo.

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