Biomutant is the Most Bananas Game You’ve (Probably) Never Heard of

At one point during my demo at Gamescom, Biomutant’s furry little protagonist started beating up the heart of one of its 5 big bosses from inside its chest cavity. As the little fella pummelled away, accompanied by Batman-esque ‘Pows!’, Biomutant solidified the delightful absurdity the team at Experiment 101 is going for.

The 20-odd minute demo of Biomutant, which I was only tangentially aware of before today, was designed to show off its playful open world. Our racoon-like protagonist began his journey in a radioactive wasteland; one of four different environments that he or she can start off in. Immediately, we spot a ‘fluff hulk’, an accurately-named monster being attacked by one of Biomutant’s six tribes for its furry wool and its ability to eat radioactive berries and poop them into coffee.

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