Donut County Review: Hole in One?

This year I’ve become an android, an exiled boy king, a vampire, a headless warrior, an anthropomorphic toadstool, the Grim Reaper, an adorable yarn creature, a pirate, an ex-yakuza, a monster hunter and, of course, the God of War. Such are the wonders of video games. And now, thanks to Donut County, I can add “ever-expanding sink-hole” to that list.

Yes, in Donut County you literally control a hole in the ground. You move it around, looking for slightly smaller prey, eating up donuts, bricks, and clumps of grass, feeding its insatiable appetite and expanding it, which then lets you swallow larger things – chairs, chickens, boulders, cars, houses. It’s a wonderfully alluring concept and, while Donut County’s running time is brief, it has a whole lot of fun with its central mechanic and with its world.

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