Doom Eternal Gameplay, Story Details Revealed

During the official QuakeCon 2018 keynote, id Software showed off a bevy of new gameplay footage for Doom Eternal.

New Arrivals

First up was a full seven minutes of gameplay from Doom Eternal that showed off new gameplay elements, including the Doom Slayer 2.0. Players will control this updated Slayer, complete with new armor, a shoulder-mounted cannon with a flamethrower, an extendable arm blade for melee attacks and a new dash ability.

Upgraded guns were also shown off, including the Super Shotgun’s new Meat Hook attachment that pulls the Slayer towards demons, letting you get up close and personal before blowing them to bits.

The footage also introduces enemies, both old and new. This includes the Pain Elemental, Archvile and Arachnotron from previous Doom titles, while new enemies include the Doom Hunter and corrupted Marauders. The game’s new “destructible demons” system shows enemies literally being torn apart progressively as you take them down.

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