First Gameplay Details Revealed for Nintendo’s Next Mobile Game, Dragalia Lost

Nintendo’s next mobile game, Dragalia Lost, had a Direct tonight that revealed the first gameplay details and what to expect from this action-RPG when it launches on September 27, 2018, for iOS and Android.

Dragalia Lost takes place in the Kingdom of Alberia, where humans and Dragons once lived together in peace, and you play as the “Seventh Royal Prince.” It’s up to you to save the kingdom when the Sacred Shard, which kept the monsters at bay, starts to lose its power.

However, you won’t be alone as you have the blood of the Dragon in your veins and you must reestablish a binding “pactbound” between human and Dragon, an alliance that hasn’t been formed for centuries. The prince must bond with the Windwyrm known as Midgardsormr, the Dragon who once held a pact with the founder of Alberia, to help save the kingdom.

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