Fortnite: Compact SMG Further Nerfed, Building Gets Slightly Stronger

The current Fortnite meta got another small shakeup with a few building changes and a reduction of damage and other stats for the infamous Compact SMG.

Back in the v5.1 patch update, the initial health of a building segment the moment its put up was reduced. Some of those changes are now reverted with a wood wall getting a bump from 80 HP to 90, stone walls going from 80 to 100, and metal segments jumping from 80 to 110.

Both the epic and legendary variation of the Compact SMG are now a little less powerful with damage reduced from 22/21 to 21/20. The clip size also took a hit going from 50 to 40.

The Drum Gun got the biggest nerf with decreases in accuracy while jumping and targeting, increased damage fall off based on distance, additional environmental damage fall off based on player damage fall off, and a 40% decrease in its spawn rate.

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