GTA Online: This Classic Mode is Getting a Big Update

Hunting Pack, the popular Adversary Mode from Year 2 of Grand Theft Auto Online, is getting an update as part of the follow-up to the After Hours content pack. The mode focuses on a large vehicle with a bomb strapped to it that will explode if the vehicle’s speed falls too low for too long (like in the classic 90’s movie, The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down).

One team has a Runner, responsible for driving the bomb vehicle from the starting point to a Deactivation Zone that serves as the “finish line,” as well as two Defenders who protect the Runner from the other team. The second team is made up of Attackers, whose only goal is to stop or slow the target vehicle enough to trigger the bomb. Where the original version featured fairly standard vehicles battling through the streets of downtown Los Santos and greater San Andreas, the Remix version is played on custom-designed neon-coated stunt tracks high above the city. The Defender and Attacker vehicles are uniquely paired as well – the matches we played featured a group of Duke O’Deaths fending off Armored Kurumas, and a defending group of Vigilantes using their massive rear wheels to shunt the attacks of new low-profile rocket-boosed roadsters.

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