Hellboy Game Leans into the Weirdest Adventures Big Red Has Been On

When Hellboy: The Board Game was announced earlier this year, I was immediately intrigued by how developer Mantic Games might translate the spirit of Big Red and his “Right Hand of Doom” onto the tabletop. After playing a round on the show floor of Gen Con 2018, it’s shaping up to be a lot of fun, and staying very true to its comic inspiration.

I got to play as Hellboy while IGN’s own Tom Marks controlled Abe as we took on the adaptation’s introductory mission. A ‘Case’ card with a story setup was read, explaining we were responding to a pretty routine disturbance — which rarely ever end up being routine. As play began, our characters stepped into a small, stone-walled hallway, immediately coming face to face (or mini to mini) with some terrible frog monsters.

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