How Ubisoft Rebuilt Athens for Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the 11th core game in the franchise, averaging one a year since the original’s launch back in 2007. Considering this, it’s no surprise that they’ve honed their collective skills to a fine edge when it comes to crafting digital reproductions of historic locations, and that in addition to creating one of (if not the) best-looking game in the series, Ubisoft Quebec has poured more effort and detail than ever into their rendition of ancient Greece – and nowhere in it’s massive world map is a better example of this than the city of Athens.

“It’s that booming city of antiquity,” says Odyssey’s Creative Director Jonathan Dumont during a recent interview, “That we tried to picture as a city of light, as a city of the future, for them.” As the cultural, social and political hub of the Grecian world, Athens was many things to many people. A trading port, a center for academia and philosophy, an artistic haven or hotbed of political revolution and more, the diversity of 430 BCE Athens is difficult to put together. This largely stems from the fact that while one of the most famous cities from the era, it had already existed for thousands of years, constantly changing hands between rulers and societies, and would exist for thousands more before Ubisoft’s research teams could begin exploring it.

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