Life is Strange 2 Developers on Leaving Chloe and Max Behind

“We wanted to do something different”, said Life is Strange 2’s co-director Michel Koch at Square Enix’s official Gamescom reveal on Monday night. “Something original. We wanted to push the concept we created in the first season.”

New Arrivals

“Life is Strange is not just Max and Chloe, or Arcadia Bay.”

Life is Strange 2 jumps from the original’s high school setting to the empty roads of the American West Coast. You play as teenager Sean, the older brother of Daniel, both fleeing their suburban USA town after three bodies are left on the ground following an explosive encounter with a neighbour and the half-glimpsed revelation that Daniel is capable of telekinesis. Life is Strange 2 is a road trip that sees Sean coming of age as he tries to look after his brother, who is deeply impressionable and potentially unaware of the power that lurks within.

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