New Spider-Man Trailer Reveals New York City Sites

A new Spider-Man gameplay trailer is debuting exclusively on IGN, and it centers on the open-world New York City that Spider-Man calls home.

The trailer, called Just the Facts: Marvel’s New York, consists of Spider-Man swinging, spinning, and swan-diving through the upcoming game’s open-world while a radio show hosted by J. Jonah Jameson plays in the background. In it, Jameson smack-talks everyone’s favorite web-slinger while Peter Parker calls on the show to defend his alter ego.

Some major landmarks are shown off in the trailer, both fictional and real. The video gives us a closer look at the Sanctum Sanctorum, the famous residence of Doctor Strange, and the Avengers Tower, headquarters of, you guessed it: The Avengers. As far as real-world landmarks, the Radio City Music Hall and a riff on MoMA called the Manhattan Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) are both shown off.

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