Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Review

Constructing a miniature cardboard piano that plays a melodic range of cat meows and old man moans is a long but ultimately enjoyable undertaking. Most of the five cardboard toys in the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit result in this same feeling. The process of following Labo’s step-by-step instructions, which can descend into tedium at times, is saved by the final product: wonderfully weird playthings and the option of more creative tinkering. It’s classic Nintendo silliness with a delightfully crafty feel.

With three distinct sections that urge you to “Make,” “Play,” and “Discover,” there’s plenty to do with Nintendo’s $69 Labo Variety Kit. As the sections progress they take you deeper into the oddly innovative workings behind each cardboard toy, eventually giving you the chance to tailor them however you please in both looks and function. The Variety Kit may look like child’s play, but there’s a treasure trove of zany secrets and customization hidden below the surface.

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