No Man’s Sky Launches Its First Community Event

Hello Games has announced the first in a series of No Man’s Sky community events, which will centre around returning character Specialist Polo’s discovery of “another iteration of the universe” and task players with helping them learn more about this “glitch in reality”.

The news was announced in a blog post, with studio boss Sean Murray clarifying that the community events will be open to all explorers who have completed the first Space Anomaly mission, with Specialist Polo contacting these players directly to ask for assistance.

This week’s event has been referred to as “the first chapter” of an ongoing research project and tasks players with visiting “a specific corner of the galaxy” (although no details of where that is are given in the post) to excavate and return a selection of “strange objects” which have begun spawning underground. Returning these objects will reward players with Quicksilver, a valuable resource that can be used to create a variety of exclusive exotic collectables.

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