One of Dota’s Weirdest Heroes Is Becoming One of Artifacts Craziest Cards

Not all existing Dota 2 heroes are guaranteed to make it into Valve’s next game, Artifact, but this crafty Geomancer, Meepo, is confirmed to get a card counterpart, and IGN has the first details on his cards.

In Artifact, almost every known hero card has either a passive or active ability and a signature spell card. Meepo is unique in that his card has both an active and a passive. His active ability, Poof, allows Meepo to move to an allied Meepos lane and deal 2 damage to his new enemy neighbors. His passive or “continuous effect” ability, United We Fall, requires that if Meepo dies, allied Meepos in other lanes die too.

Like in Dota 2, Meepo’s signature spell allows him to summon another Meepo. You can see the spell card and the art for other Meepo in the slideshow below. Each hero comes with three copies of their signature spell card, so there’s potential to have four Meepos across the board at once.

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