Shovel Knight Showdown Battle Mode Revealed

As Yacht Club Games finishes up on the promises of its original Kickstarter campaign for Shovel Knight, the developer has finally revealed the local multiplayer battle expansion set to debut for the title next year — Shovel Knight Showdown.

IGN can exclusively pull back the curtain on Showdown, a series of new modes that allow up to four players to play as one of several characters from the beloved game and compete. But rather than first going into detail, check out 10 minutes of four-player gameplay from the Gem Clash mode below to get an idea of what to expect.

Players can compete in either one-on-one duels, in four-player free-for-alls, or as cooperative teams battling against AI. Modes in Shovel Knight Showdown include Gem Clash, Showdown, and a full Story Mode, which is customized to each playable character, offering a series of challenges, minigames, and a new final encounter.

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