Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie Morbius Explained

Most of the time, vampires are the villains in Hollywood movies. They’re portrayed as soulless bloodsuckers who pose an existential threat to all humanity. But sometimes even a vampire can be a hero. That’s the case with Morbius, a Marvel hero who’s set to be portrayed by Jared Leto in Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man spin-off movie.

To help prep for this new addition to Sony’s growing Spider-Man cinematic universe, here’s everything you need to know about the man they call “The Living Vampire.”

Morbius Explained: The Basics

Dr. Michael Morbius was a respected biochemist suffering from a rare and fatal blood disease. Desperate for a cure, Morbius performed dangerous experiments on himself using vampire bat DNA and inadvertently transformed into a “living vampire.” While he wasn’t actually bitten by one of the many vampires that live in the Marvel Universe, Morbius’ condition has many of the same symptoms. He has a never-ending thirst for blood and must forever live apart from human society.

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