Torchlight Frontiers: Exclusive First Hands-On

Speedy, lively, bright, and action-packed, Torchlight Frontiers impressed me. I almost resented the relatively compressed size of the demo slice, and found myself hungry to play more when time expired, randomly walking about and thwacking monsters for several minutes after beating the boss just for the tactile joy of the brawling.

Torchlight Frontiers feels like a proper Torchlight game, and that’s what I wanted. It’s an evolutionary take on Torchlight’s Diablo-inspired formula, a game defined by the little things: subtle monster animations, clever lighting effects, fantastic art direction, and that elusive hook of fight, loot, upgrade, repeat. But while Frontiers revisits all the best of the tried-and-true action RPG staples, it’s also trying some new things.

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