Unity As A Game Design Tool – by Pietro Polsinelli

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Game design in code and configuration panels

Unity has progressively become a remarkably practical tool for prototype game development. Its new user interface tools “UI” (layouts and canvases), good support for 2D and grids, simple sprite and animation management, good font rendering (with TextMeshPro now free) all make prototype development easier.

In this video, I present examples showing how game design and game development go naturally hand in hand in the context of Unity’s usage. I hint also to how game design and development have to work together to maintain project and code quality.

I follow a set of slides and I supply code snippets, links and refer also to methodology videos for code writing practices. The video is not an introduction to using Unity.

Here are the slides.

And below are listed all the links to plugins, code snippets and references:


Character Trait (Gist)
Memory (Gist)
Scene mockup flow (Gist)
From Google Sheet To Unity Class (Gist)
SimpleGameTimeManager (Gist)
Preserve production values in Scriptable Objects  (Gist)
Speedupper (Gist)

Practical Object-Oriented Design

Livable Code

Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development

Football Drama