We Happy Few Review

We Happy Few has crafted a story worthy of its eerie and drug-induced madcap setting (which is extremely welcome, as it was geared heavily towards survival and crafting in Early Access). The stories told of its misfit characters are bleak, witty, tense, and ready to shine a light on their flaws. And yet, like the devilish, grinning masks the populace has donned in conformity, you can’t help but notice what’s just below the surface.

Wellington Wells is a deceptive place. Its upstanding citizens will beat you to death with a smile on their face. They stroll jauntily past rows of shuttered homes, their former occupants on unending “holiday.” High on drugs, you can see the walls and streets splashed with rainbows and vibrant colors. It’s only when the Joy starts to wear off that you may find that things aren’t always what they seem.

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