Why Torchlight Frontiers Is My Most Anticipated ARPG Since Diablo 2

Immediately upon playing Torchlight Frontiers, I was presented with a choice between the two currently playable classes: the Dusk Mage and Forged. The former is a powerful magic user charged with wielding both the immense powers of dark and light in perpetual harmony. The latter is a robot. I chose the robot.

I felt an immediate sense of adoration for my sputtering little steampunk monstrosity, who looked inescapably like Maurice’s cast iron furnace contraption from Beauty and the Beast. As Echtra Games CEO Max Schaefer explained, my little automaton wouldn’t simply equip gear but would instead integrate it into his body. If I equipped a rare pair of leggings, for example, they might change my four spider-like robot-legs into two sturdy tank treads.

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