Bethesda Details Fallout 76 Perk System

Changes and new additions to the perk system in Fallout 76 were detailed at a Bethesda panel at QuakeCon.

New Arrivals

The SPECIAL system returns and allows players to assign points across seven main attributes that enhance your character, but this time it also uses a new card system. As you level up, cards are unlocked and each one comes with a point value that is used to increase one of the SPECIAL attributes. Each card features a new ability and can be leveled up. Duplicate cards can be merged to level up a card but this will also increase the point value.

Here’s an early look at tons of new screenshots and Perk cards:

Hundreds of cards exist in Fallout 76 and each perk can be shared among your teammates. Every SPECIAL attribute has a limit of 15 points and you’ll stop earning points at level 50. Cards, however, will continue to unlock with each character level up and you can swap out existing cards any time to mix up your style.

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