Cyberpunk 2077: See the Differences Between the E3 and Gamescom Demos

Cyberpunk 2077 and the team at CD Projekt Red have brought their gameplay demo, initially shown at E3 2018, to Gamescom – with a few small but very important differences.

First and foremost, the new demo features a playable male character – modeled to look like the one shown in the E3 2018 trailer, while the E3 demo was locked to the female avatar of V. The demo audience was allowed to choose which gender they wanted their demoist to play as, and there were differences in dialogue and NPC interactions throughout each demo. We also saw, in the moment where V wakes up after a night of good ol’ fashioned debauchery, that both the male and female versions of the character have spent the night with a man, marking the first time we’ve seen one of the LGBTQA+ relationships that are possible in 2077.

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