Game Grumps Compilations FAN STREAM [Peter/GGC… NOT official GG!]


Welcome to the stream! Tonight’s stream will end at approx 12:05a PDT (GMT – 7).

Tonight’s lineup:

When Games Are Funny All On Their Own Vol 2
Arin & Dan Have Silly Screams
Arin Doesn’t Know Drugs
Best Laughter Moments from Grumps Dream Course
Arin and Dan Trolling Each Other

GGC Discord –
Twitter – @masterpeanutz
Instagram – @peter_bierma

***Just a reminder this stream is NOT official Game Grumps! This is Peter from Game Grumps Compilations, a fan compilation channel.***

Intro music is Bramble Blast from the Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack for SNES.

PeterPlays passed 1k subs! I’m literally right on PewDiePie’s tail.

1) Keep the chat fun and friendly. No religion/politics
2) No links/advertising/self-promotion
3) Please read the following FAQ if it applies to you

***Donations are never expected but always appreciated!***

FAQ for the Angry:
1) Is this channel allowed?
Yes. GG is well aware of this channel’s existence, and Arin & Vernon have both communicated with me personally about it. They’ve published several of my compilations on their OFFICIAL channel as well for Compilation Thursdays. Danny has also given this channel a shoutout on livestream (the clip is in my channel videos).

2) But doesn’t it take away views from Game Grumps?
If anything, it adds views. I cannot tell you how many comments I’ve received with things like, “My friend didn’t know who GG was, so I showed them one of your compilations, and now they are fans of GG!” I also regularly get comments of, “I didn’t know they played [series name]!” Compilations also increase community engagement by helping people remember fun moments. People are always encouraged to subscribe to official GG in every video description.


3) Why are you stealing from Game Grumps?
Well, back up a sec. It isn’t stealing. Saying this is theft is like if an owner of a Lego store offers you a bucket of legos for free, you build something with the legos, show it to your friend, and your friend says, “You don’t even OWN those legos. Thief!” See how it doesn’t make sense? In other words, if the owner gives you permission to use the Legos, it isn’t stealing.

4) Why do this when you could go create something original?
That’s a bit of an insult to video editors. Personality shines through in pacing, choice of clips, transitions, video length, themes, titles, and thumbnails. Compilations take hours upon hours to create. If you watch a lot of compilations, you’ll see that they aren’t all the same. You get a glimpse of the compiler’s “take” on Game Grumps. Also, I’ve started 7 businesses in my life and make a shit ton of my “own stuff” outside of this channel. It isn’t one or the other.

5) Why do you do these so late?
I don’t like to conflict with any official Grumps streams, and I like to do them Sunday night before the week begins to help ease those Sunday night anxieties.

Thanks for watching!