New Control Demo Digs Into Weapon Forms, Boss Battle

When we first saw Control, Remedy’s next supernatural action adventure game coming out in 2019, you may have been confused. You, like me, may have marveled at its floatiness and wondered about its creepy setting and transforming pistol and architecture. You may have thought the mysteries would drag out from there, for months on end, like any good E3 trailer would normally set up for.

But the team at Remedy’s been very forthcoming since then, talking (mostly) freely about what form the narrative and gameplay structures in the game will take. During our liveshow at E3, our own Max Scoville and Ryan McCaffrey learned that the main protagonist, Jesse Faden, seeks out the Federal Bureau of Control — a government organization in charge of all things alien and supernatural — to discover what happened to give her the powers she increasingly gains throughout the game. In doing so, she becomes trapped in the FBC headquarters after an invasion of something called the Hiss that seems to possess humans, and assumes the role of its director through some mystical ritual that has yet to be explained.

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