PUBG Players Discover You Can Ride Smoke Grenades and Apples

Some PUBG players have found their own twist for riding munitions.

As first reported by Eurogamer, it’s apparently possible to ride smoke grenades down over cliffs and down hills to avoid taking fall damage. So far, it’s only been proven to work on the game’s test servers, so it’s likely PUBG Corp. will patch what seems to be a bug out before it ever goes live. For the time being, though, it sounds relatively easy to go for a ride on a smoke grenade on PUBG’s test servers.

Reddit user kowzzzz was the first to discover smoke grenade surfing. To replicate the ride, players just need to take a smoke grenade and “throw it straight up in the air and be on a surface that is slightly slanted,” according to kowzzzz. “Sometimes it doesn’t work if the angle is too extreme.”

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