Someone Created a Luigi’s Mansion AR Game Using Labo

Japanese Nintendo fans have taken the build-it-yourself approach of Nintendo Labo to an impressive new level – crafting a Luigi’s Mansion AR game using the software’s Toy-Con Garage.

As shared on Twitter by user Nawafuji, the game is simple – explore a dark room and, if you find a Boo, vigorously shake the Labo to simulate Luigi’s trademark Poltergust 3000.

The way it was created was anything but simple, however. Using a magnifying glass and some clever cardboard creativity, the Poltergust build allows the Switch screen to be projected onto the wall. Some immensely complex Toy-Con Garage code means that projection usually looks like a flashlight beam, but passing over a reflective sheet turns that image into a pixel art Boo, which is then sucked up by using motion controls. You can see it in action below:

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